Animatic project for 2D animation class at Emerson College

Working in a Drawing for Time Based Media class at Emerson, I completed over the course of a month the animatics for a two-minute animation about loneliness, love, and having a day job that just doesn't mesh with your style.

As I worked on this animation, the most important thing was to create a narrative that meant something and felt good - I sacrificed some cleaned-up final frames in the name of getting the story completed, and it's one of my favorite projects completed at college.

Final for Animation II class at Emerson College

In my second animation class at Emerson College, we studied advanced animation such as how to model, rig, and animate characters in Maya. I built two characters, as well as creating a collection of basic walk and jump cycles. I ended the semester with a short study of one of the characters in a scene; the aptly named 'Mort', hoverboarding his way down a high-speed track.

It's an odd piece of content, but the inventive and creative atmosphere of the animation team at Emerson encouraged me to work outside the box and have some fun. I focused on simplified shapes and textures, and had fun with light, reflection, and kinetics.

After exporting my files I used After Effects to compile them and add motion blur to camera movements, to add a depth of realism to the mostly stylized imagery.

Some gifs of my working playblasts as I animated the scene.

Final Piece for Animation I class at Emerson College

Over the course of a single semester, with the help of my peers and tutor, I conceived, designed, modeled, and animated this short. All textures, including the cobblestone walls and rooves, were created by me. I also did the sound design for the dragon's breathing.

This is a dome environment, with UV mapping used to create the sunset. The dragon moves with a character rig which I created, and was modeled after my own drawings.