Game Design. Screenwriting. Social Media.

I beleive a good story is the foundation to every visual media project. Let me bring that belief to your projects, too.


Jo Wylie

I studied Visual Media Arts at Emerson College in Boston, and day-to-day in that bustling urban campus I couldn't have chosen a single specialization as my most influential class.

Graduating Cum Laude I walked proudly with the other Screenwriting students, but it was my Animation teacher who broke rank to run up and congratulate me as I passed her in the great hall. Talking to the journalism students, I reminisced about the Video Game department at Emertainment Monthly, the college's entertainment magazine, where I both wrote for and ran the department for two years. Among the poetry class I am known for my time as an E-board member of over a year for the Emerson Poetry Project, the nationally competing team each a member of my family by now. It was the Game Developer's club that asked me to return as an Alumni to talk about working for Boston Festival of Indie Games, or my year post-grad as a game developer at BrainCo Inc, a small startup in Cambridge.

Emerson Gave me a degree in all Visual Media Arts, and it granted me an incredible literacy in studying, understanding, and creating art for the screen. I developed my skills as a visual artist for animation and video games. My skills in screenwriting and the structuring and design of a narrative experience. I learnt to use social media, visual advertisement, and viral marketing as almost second nature, in all of my positions.

I live and breathe the type of visual storytelling you can achieve in the visual media I enjoy. Stories have saved my life, and I want nothing more than to put uplifting, exciting stories into the world that will one day, if I'm lucky, help someone else out of a darkness of their own.

Let me be a part of your project. Let me bring my passion, tenacity, and my hope for the power of our work to your team.




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